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DRX 9000 Featured on Fox News

Myths of neck and back pain treatments

The DRX9000 Featured on Fox News!
I hope you had a wonderful summer and all is well with you and your practice! The DRX9000 was recently featured on Fox News, the link is at the bottom of this email! Hopefully you will find it informative and may also give you some marketing ideas when it comes to the DRX9000.

If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing a DRX9000, this is a great time! We have several lumbar, cervical, and combo systems in inventory at fantastic prices!

Be sure to always keep Excite in mind for all of your DRX9000 needs! With a complete parts inventory and four technicians on staff, rest assured we are your most trusted and reliable company for your DRX9000 service, moves and parts. Call us today at +1-813-210-1000 or visit us at with any questions or needs.

Myths of neck and back pain treatments


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