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It's been a journey to get here. We've seen a lot of changes throughout the years, and evolved to meet those changes.

D r. Sarah and Dr. Todd took over the operation of CCC, located at Banwell and Tecumseh Rd., in 1999. Over the years, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Todd have seen a lot of changes in health care in Ontario and their practice has evolved to reflect those changes. While the practice of chiropractic continues to be based on the exact same fundamentals of spinal alignment and how it affects our health, technology has changed over the years.

Today, CCC uses modern advances in spinal analysis to reflect spinal function and new modalities like low level laser and non-surgical spinal decompression to make their treatment plans more comprehensive and effective.  We have also expanded our team to include a physician, Dr. Curtis Fedoruk and most recently, in 2015, an osteopath, Spencer Jean.


Our knowledgeable staff are dedicated to serving you.

Dr. Sarah Dale, Chiropractor

Since 1997, Dr. Sarah Dale has been practicing chiropractic in her hometown of Tecumseh, ON. After completing a Bachelor’s of Science degree at the University of Guelph, she travelled to Toronto to compete her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She and her husband, Dr. Todd Small went on to take over Community Chiropractic Centres from retiring chiropractor, Dr. Neil West. At that time, there was the main office in Tecumseh and a satellite office in Belle River, ON. Once Dr. Sarah and Dr. Todd decided to start a family, they knew they had to downsize and focus only on one location. Since then, Dr. Sarah has been proud to help nurture and develop Tecumseh’s Community Chiropractic Centre into the practice that it is today.

Dr. Sarah’s practice is very diverse. She enjoys treating patients of all ages from newborns to geriatrics. She leads patients through their chiropractic care with a focus on education and depends on her 20 plus years of clinical experience to help each patient meet their individual goals.

Needle acupuncture has been a part of her practice since the beginning as an aid in pain management and an adjunct to the healing process.

Dr. Sarah has three children with Dr. Todd which add loads of fun and excitement to her life. Yoga keeps her strong and injury free so that she can occasionally participate in the odd triathlon with her husband.

She hopes that the next 20 years of clinical practice continue to bring joy and interest to her life!

Dr. Todd Small, Chiropractor

When you meet Dr. Todd Small you will be sure to feel an exuberant amount of energy in his Chiropractic office. If you ask the staff what makes Dr. Todd happy, I am sure they would say a full waiting room filled with patients! This is because Dr. Todd feeds on all kinds of ENERGY. Whether it’s a full waiting room at the office, one of his boys’ hockey games, his daughter’s dance competitions or preparing for one of his many triathlon races, he loves being surrounded with positive energy. Dr. Todd also realizes that stress and tension are a part of everyday life. When patients come to see him at the office he makes sure he listens to them in order to understand the source of their specific stresses. He then applies the chiropractic adjustment and philosophy to not only alleviate physical spinal stress but also help with better lifestyle choices which in turn decrease mental stress.

Outside the office, Dr. Todd’s passion includes swimming, biking and running. He has run multiple marathons including Paris, Rome and Chicago and is a multiple time Boston marathon finisher. In 2010. he switched over to triathlons and has completed 2 full Ironman Races and multiple half Ironman’s. He qualified for 2 world championships which took place in Austria and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Dr. Todd and Dr. Sarah have 3 children ages 15, 12 and 10. They find themselves very busy with their children’s competitive hockey, dance, golf and school. Dr.’s Todd and Sarah know everyone wants a happy and healthy family and it is their philosophy to see a parallel between how they care for their patients and how they care for their family.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Dr. Todd loved hockey. Although he didn’t get drafted by the New Jersey Devils, he did enjoy playing both tier 2 junior hockey and Varsity hockey at the University of Regina. Dr. Todd studied Education at both the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan before starting his Chiropractic Degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He graduated from CMCC in 1999.

In 2004, Dr.’s Todd and Sarah founded the Julian Small NICU charity golf tournament and have raised over half a million dollars for the local NICU. Dr. Todd has also helped in numerous other charities, local junior hockey teams and minor sports teams.

Dr. Todd knows he is blessed to have found the perfect profession. Every day is able to walk into his office to help people live their lives with less pain and with a healthier lifestyle.

Spencer Jean, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Spencer Jean, DO, DO(MP), MBA, CBIS is a manual osteopath focusing on neuromusculoskeletal disorders, injuries and preventative healthcare.

He earned academic and athletic (ice hockey) scholarships from Adrian College and Florida Gulf Coast University where he achieved his undergraduate studies in Health Sciences. Spencer completed 5890 hours of study to obtain his doctor of osteopathy at the National University of Medical Sciences and a diploma in osteopathic manual practice at the National Academy of Osteopathy. During his first 2 years of practice, he completed his MBA in Healthcare Administration at the National University of Medical Sciences in affiliation with University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Spencer completed an internship at Boston University’s Sport Legacy Institute where he became a certified brain injury specialist.

He is an active member of the National Manual Osteopathic Society, Ontario Osteopathic & Alternative Medicine Association, American Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists, Association of MBAs in Canada and Men’s Health Fitness Counsel.

Prior to Spencer’s osteopathic studies, he was contracted by the Florida Everblades in the ECHL as a semi-professional hockey player. Unfortunately, injuries compelled Spencer into athletic retirement which ultimately led him to his studies in the field of osteopathy. He is a published author of several esteemed publications including a novel titled “The Untold Truth” where he bares his history with concussions. He believes that his personal experiences with severe injuries allows him to better relate to his patient’s which enables him to provide effective treatment solutions.

Spencer trusts in a patient centered approach to healthcare. He works with patients in a caring, process-oriented way that promotes optimal health, self-awareness and longevity, taking the patient beyond the “quick fix.” Spencer knows that being a good practitioner is more than making the correct diagnosis. Listening to patients, understanding their needs and anticipating all aspects of care is what separates him from other healthcare professionals. 

Spencer practices what he preaches with an active and balanced lifestyle. When he is not in the office, he enjoys playing golf, hockey, fitness training, traveling and growing his community with volunteer and charity involvement.

*Manual Osteopaths, although may hold a doctorate in osteopathy (DO) are not considered “Osteopathic Physicians” (US) and are not licensed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Jennifer Zambito
Office Manager

Victoria Viselli
Chiropractic Assistant

Dayna Hansen,
Chiropractic Assistant

The clinic is focused on a patient centered approach in the delivery of healthcare. CCC is known as one of the finest healthcare centres in Windsor-Essex County.

The interdisciplinary team at CCC consists of two Chiropractors, a Physician as well as a Manual Osteopath. This team of health care providers delivers professional, confident, high quality service in a relaxed, friendly and informative environment.

In all clinical endeavors, quality of care is paramount. The CCC team is dedicated to helping their patients reach nothing less than their optimal health.

  • Professional, confidential, high quality service.
  • An ideal location.
  • Patient Centered Approach to Healthcare